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When they came to him and said: "Peace," he answered: "Truly we are afraid of you."

"Have no fear," they said. "We bring you news of a son full of wisdom."

"You bring me the good news now," he said, "when old age has come upon me. What good news are you giving me then?"

"We have given you the happy tidings of a truth," they replied. "So do not be one of those who despair."

"Who would despair of the mercy of his Lord," he answered, "but those who go astray."

And asked them: "What matter, O angels, brings you here?"

"We have been sent," they said, "to (punish) a sinful people,

"Except the family of Lot whom we shall save

"Other than his wife who, it is decreed, will remain with those who will stay behind."

When the messengers came to the family of Lot,

He said: "You are people I do not know."

"We have come to you with news," they said, "of what your people doubt;

"Yet we bring to you the truth, and we are truthful.

"So leave with your family late in the night, yourself remaining in the rear, and let none turn back to look, and go where you will be commanded."

We issued this command to him, for they were going to be destroyed in the morning.

Then came the people of the city, exulting at the news.

Said Lot: "These are my guests; do not put me to shame,

"And do not disgrace me. Have some fear of God."

"Did we not restrain you," they said, "from (entertaining) creatures from the outside world?"