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And severed their Scripture into fragments.

By your Lord We shall question them one and all

About their deeds.

So declare to them what We have enjoined, and turn away from idolaters.

We are surely sufficient to deal with those who scoff at you,

Who place other gods besides God. They will come to know soon.

We are well aware that you are disheartened by what they say.

But you should glorify your Lord with praises, and be among those who bow in submission;

And go on worshipping your Lord till the certainty (of death) comes upon you.

THE DECREE of GOD will surely come; so do not try to hasten it: Too glorious and high is He for what they associate with Him.

He sends the angels with revelation by His command, to any of His creatures as He please, (saying): "Warn that there is no god but I, so fear Me."

He created the heavens and the earth with reason. Too glorious and high is He for what they associate with Him.

Man He created from a drop of semen; and still he becomes an open contender.

He created the cattle from whom you get warm clothing and (other) advantages, and some you eat.

There is life and cheer for you as you drive them home in the evening, and lead them out in the morning to graze.