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They carry your burdens to lands so distant you could not have reached without much hardship. Indeed your Lord is compassionate and kind.

He created horses, mules and donkeys for riding and for splendour. He created other things too which you do not know.

To God leads the right path, though some deviate. If He willed He could guide you all to the right way.

It is He who sends down water from the sky of which you drink, and which nourishes the plants you feed your cattle,

With which He makes crops grow, and olives, dates and grapes and fruits of every kind for you. In this is a sign for those who think.

He harnessed the day and night for you, as also the sun, the moon and the stars, by His command. In this are signs for men who understand.

And other things of different shades has He produced on the earth for you. In this are signs for those who reflect.

It is He who has subdued the sea that you may eat fresh meat from it, and obtain ornaments to wear. You see the ships plough through it that you may seek of His bounties and, perhaps, be grateful.