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He placed stablisers in the earth so that while it revolves you live undisturbed, and rivers and tracks so that you may find your way;

As well as many other signs, as by the stars (you) find direction.

So, could one who creates be like one who cannot? Will you not then contemplate?

If you count the favours of God you will not be able to calculate. Assuredly God is forgiving and kind.

God knows what you hide and disclose.

, As for those they call besides God, they cannot create a thing, and have themselves been created.

Dead, without life they are, and do not know when they will be raised.

Your God is one God. But the hearts of those who believe not in the life to come are filled with denial, and they are puffed up with pride.

Surely God knows what they hide and what they disclose. He certainly does not love the proud.

For when they are asked: "What has your Lord sent down?" they say: "Tales of long ago."

On the Day of Resurrection they will carry their own burden and some of the load of those they have led astray without any knowledge. Oh, how evil a burden they will carry!

Those who have gone before them had also conspired; then God uprooted their structure from its foundation; the roof fell over them from above, and punishment came upon them from somewhere they did not suspect.