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God has given you homes to live in, and tents (made) from the hides of cattle convenient for days of travelling and halting; and from their wool and fur and hair you make domestic articles and goods that last a certain time.

God has given you of things created, shade, and places of shelter in the mountains, and clothes for protection against the heat, and coats (of mail) for defence during war. He thus bestows His favours on you so that you may be grateful to Him.

If they still turn away, your duty is to warn them in clear terms.

They do know the favours of God, and yet they deny them, for most of them are not grateful.

The day We shall call a witness from every people, the unbelievers will not be allowed to make excuses.

And when the wicked shall face the torment it will not be decreased, nor will they be reprieved.

When the idolaters see their partners they will call out: "O our Lord, these are the partners we invoked instead of You;" but they will retort: "You are liars."

They will offer submission to God that Day, and the lies they fabricated will not be of the least avail.