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"Whosoever desires what hastes away, We hasten to give him (in this life) as much as We please to whosoever We will; but afterwards there is Hell for him in which he will burn, disgraced and ostracised.

"But he who desires the Hereafter, and strives for it with a will, and is a believer, will be favoured for his endeavour.

"We bestow from the gifts of your Lord on these and on those, for the gifts of your Lord are not restricted.

"See, how We favour one over the other; and in life to come are higher ranks and favours greater still.

"Do not set up another god with God, or you will remain disgraced and destitute.

"So your Lord has decreed: Do not worship anyone but Him, and be good to your parents. If one or both of them grow old in your presence, do not say fie to them, nor reprove them, but say gentle words to them

"And look after them with kindness and love, and say: "O Lord, have mercy on them as they nourished me when I was small."

Your Lord knows what is in your heart. If you are righteous, then He is indeed forgiving to those who turn (to Him) in repentance.

So give to your relatives what is their due, and to those who are needy, and the wayfarers; and do not dissipate (your wealth) extravagantly.

Those who dissipate (their wealth) are the brethren of the devils, and the Devil was ungrateful to his Lord.