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If you neglect (your parents) while seeking the bounty of your Lord, of which you are hopeful, speak to them softly.

Do not be niggardly, nor extravagant that you may later feel reprehensive and constrained.

Certainly your Lord provides with open hands whosoever He will, but according to capacity, for He knows and watches His creatures.

Do not abandon your children out of fear of poverty. We will provide for them and for you. Killing them is certainly a great wrong.

And do not go near fornication, as it is immoral and an evil way.

And do not take a life, which God has forbidden, except in a just cause. We have given the right (of redress) to the heir of the person who is killed, but he should not exceed the limits (of justice) by slaying (the killer), for he will be judged (by the same law).

And do not touch the property of the orphans except for bettering it, until they come of age; and fulfil the promise made: You will surely be questioned about the promise.

Give full measure when you are measuring, and weigh on a balanced scale. This is better, and excellent its consequence.

Do not follow that of which you have no knowledge. Verily the ear, the eye, the heart, each will be questioned.

And do not strut about the land with insolence: Surely you cannot cleave the earth, nor attain the height of mountains in stature.

All these are evil and odious to your Lord.