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Unless your Lord have mercy. His blessings on you are great indeed.

Say: "Surely if men and jinns get together to produce the like of this (Qur'an), they will not be able to produce the like of it, however they might assist one another.

We have given examples of every kind to men in this Qur'an in various ways, and even then most men disdain everything but unbelief,

And say: "We will not believe you until you make a spring of water gush forth from the earth for us;

Or, until you acquire an orchard of date-palm trees and grapes, and produce rivers flowing through it;

Or, let chunks of sky fall over us, as you assert (you will); or, bring God and the angels as a surety;

Or, you come to possess a house of gold; or ascend to the skies, though we shall not believe in your having ascended till you bring down a book for us which we could read." Say: "Glory to my Lord. I am only man and a messenger."

Nothing prevented men from believing when guidance came to them, other than (what) they said: "Has God sent (only) a man as messenger?"

Say: "If angels had peopled the earth and walked about in peace and quiet, We would surely have sent to them an angel as messenger.

Tell them: "God is sufficient witness between me and you, for He knows His creatures well, and is well-informed."