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When they had gone past (the confluence), Moses said to his servant: "Give me my breakfast. I am exhausted from this journey."

He said: "You see, I forgot the fish on the rock where we had stopped. Only Satan made me forget to mention this; but the wonder is the fish escaped to the sea."

Moses said: "But that is exactly what we were seeking." So they retraced their steps.

Then they found one of Our votaries, whom We had blessed and given knowledge from Us.

Moses said to him: "May I attend upon you that you may instruct me in the knowledge you have been taught of the right way?"

He said: "You will not be able to bear with me.

"How can you bear that which is beyond your comprehension?"

"You will find me patient if God wills," said Moses; "and I will not disobey you in any thing."

"If you must follow me," he said, "do not ask me any thing until I speak of it to you myself."

So they set out till they (came to the quay) and went on board a ship in which he made a hole, (and Moses said:) "You have made a hole in the boat to drown its passengers? You have done a strange thing!"

"Did I not tell you," he replied, "that you will not be able to bear with me?"

(Moses) said: "Do not hold me for having forgotten, and do not reprove me and make my task difficult."

The two went on till they came to a boy, whom he killed. Moses exclaimed: "You have killed an innocent soul who had taken no life. You have done a most abominable thing!"