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I have chosen you, so listen to what is revealed to you.

I am God, and there is no god but I, so serve Me, and observe acts of prayer to remember Me.

Verily the Hour (of the great change) is about to come. I keep it secret that every soul may be rewarded for its endeavour.

So do not let those who do not believe in it and follow their vain desires, turn you away from it.

What is that in your right band, O Moses?"

"It's my staff," he answered; "I lean on it, and fell leaves for my goats with it, and I have other uses for it."

"Throw it down, O Moses," said (the Voice).

So he threw it down, and lo, it became a running serpent.

"Catch it," said He, "and have no fear; We shall revert it to its former state.

And face what is to come with patience, your hand will not be tarnished with blame: Another sign

That We may go on showing you Our greater signs.

Go to the Pharaoh as he has become exceedingly rebellious."

Moses said: "O my Lord, enlarge my breast,

And make my mission easy.

Remove the defect of my tongue

That they may understand my speech,

And give me as assistant from my family

Aaron my brother

To strengthen me

And share my task,

That we may sing Your praises much,

And remember you a great deal.

Surely You know us well."

He answered: "Granted is your prayer, O Moses.

We have bestowed Our favour on you before this