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(Moses) replied: "Knowledge of that is with my Lord (recorded) in the Book. My Lord neither errs nor forgets."

It is He who made the earth a bed for you, and traced for you paths upon it, and sends down water from the sky, and brings out through it every kind of vegetation

To eat and feed your cattle. Surely there are signs in these for those who are wise.

We created you from the earth and will revert you back to it; and raise you up from it a second time.

So We showed him all Our signs, but he denied them and refused,

And said: "Have you come to us, O Moses, to drive us out of our land with your witchery?

We shall certainly meet you with like magic. So make an appointment when we and you could meet on common ground, which neither we nor you should fail to keep."

Said (Moses): "Let your meeting be on the day of the Feast, and let people assemble in broad daylight."

After this the Pharaoh withdrew and settled his stratagem, then came back.

Moses said to them: "Woe betide you. Do not fabricate a lie against God, or He will destroy you with some affliction. For he who fabricates lies is doomed to failure."

So they discussed their strategy among themselves and conferred privately,

(And) said: "These two are surely magicians. They want to deprive you of your land with their magic, and eradicate your distinct way (of life).

So prepare your strategy and come forward. He alone shall win today who is superior."