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NEAR HAS COME the reckoning for men, but they turn away in remissness.

Never does a new reminder come to them from their Lord but they listen to it with dalliance.

Their minds are lost in frivolous pastimes; and the evil-doers discuss secretly: "Is he not but only a man like you? Then why are you taken in by magic seeingly?"

He said: "My Lord knows whatever is spoken in the heavens and the earth. He hears all and knows everything."

Yet they say: "These are only confused dreams," or rather: "He has invented them;" or: "He is only a poet. Let him therefore bring a miracle to us as the earlier (apostles) were sent with."

Not one habitation that We destroyed before them had believed. So how can they believe?

Never did We send a message before you but through a man, whom We inspired. If you do not know, then ask the keepers of the oracles of God.

We did not make their bodies immune to hunger, nor were they immortal.

Then We made Our promise good to them and delivered whomsoever We pleased, and destroyed the transgressors.

We have sent down to you a Book which has a reminder for you. Do you not understand?