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And will not hear its hissing, and will live for ever in the midst of what their hearts desire.

They will have safety from the mighty terror, and angels will receive them, (saying:) "This is your day which had been promised you."

The day We shall roll up the heavens like a written scroll, We shall revert it (to nothing) as it was before We first created it. This is a promise incumbent on Us; We will certainly fulfil it.

We had prescribed in the Book of Psalms after the reminder and admonition, that those of Our creatures who are good will in the end rule the earth.

Verily there is a message in this for people who are devout.

We have sent you as a benevolence to the creatures of the world.

Say: "This is what has been revealed to me: 'Your God is one and only God.' So will you bow in homage to Him?"

If they turn away, tell them: "I have warned you all alike. I do not know if what has been promised you is near or far away.

He knows surely what you say aloud, and what you hide within your breasts.

I do not know if this be a trial for you, or a little advantage for a while."

"Judge in truth (between us), O Lord," he said. "Our Lord is merciful, whose help we seek against what you attribute."