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They will be guided with gentle words, and guided to the commended path.

As for those who disbelieve, and obstruct the way of God and the holy Mosque which We have set down for all men, the native and the visitor alike. Whoever puts obstructions in this mischievously will taste of painful punishment.

When We chose the site of the House for Abraham (We said:) "Associate no one with Me, and clean My House for those who will circumambulate it, stand (in reverence), and bow in homage.

Announce the Pilgrimage to the people. They will come to you on foot and riding along distant roads on lean and slender beasts,

In order to reach the place of advantage for them, and to pronounce the name of God on appointed days over cattle He has given them for food; then eat of the meat and feed the needy and the poor.

Let them then attend to their persons and complete the rites of pilgrimage, fulfil their vows and circuit round the ancient House.

Apart from this, whoever respects the sacred ordinances of God, will find a better reward for him with his Lord. You are allowed to eat all cattle except those already mentioned to you. Avoid the repugnance of idols, and false and frivolous talk.