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That is how they ask you to hasten the punishment; but God does not go back on His promise. Verily a day with your Lord is equal by your reckoning to a thousand years.

To how many habitations did We give respite, though given to wickedness, and then seized them. To Me they had to come back in the end.

Tell them: "O men, it's my duty to warn you clearly."

For those who believe and do the right is forgiveness and gracious provision.

But those who try to defeat Our signs are people of Hell.

We have sent no messenger or apostle before you with whose recitations Satan did not tamper. Yet God abrogates what Satan interpolates; then He confirms His revelations, for God is all-knowing and all-wise.

This is in order to make the interpolations of Satan a test for those whose hearts are diseased and hardened: Surely the sinners have gone far in dissent.

At the same time those who have been given knowledge may know that this is the truth from your Lord, and come to believe in it, and their hearts become submissive to Him. Verily God guides those who believe, to the even path.

The infidels will remain in doubt about it till the Hour overtakes them unawares, or the punishment of the barren day destructive should come upon them.