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The order will be God's on that Day; He will judge between them. Then those who had come to believe and done the right will be in gardens of delight.

But those who did not believe and called Our revelations lies, will be given disgraceful punishment.

Those who left their homes in the way of God, and then were killed or died, will surely be given a better provision by God, for God is surely the best of providers.

God will surely lead them to a place with which they will be gratified. Verily God is all-knowing and forbearing.

Whosoever retaliates to the extent of injury suffered by him, and is wronged again, will certainly be helped by God. Verily God is forgiving and kind.

That is so for God turns night into day and day into night, for God is all-hearing and all-seeing;

That is so for God is the undeniable truth, and what they invoke apart from Him is false; yet God is all-high and supreme.

Do you not see how God sends down water from the sky and in the morning the earth turns green? Truly God is benign and well-informed.

Whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him. Surely God is all-sufficing, worthy of praise.