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Do you not see God has harnessed all that is in the earth, to your service? And the boats ply in the ocean by His command. He holds the sky in position lest it should fall upon the earth save by His dispensation. Verily God is compassionate and kind to men.

It is He who gives you life, then makes you die; then He will bring you back to life again. Man is surely most ungrateful.

We have determined for each community a way of worship which they follow. So they should not contend with you in this matter; and you should go on calling them to your Lord. You are surely on the right path.

If they argue with you, tell them: "God knows well what you are doing.

God will judge between you on the Day of Judgement in what you are at variance."

Do you not know that God knows whatever is in the heavens and the earth? This is surely in accordance with the law. This is certainly how (the law of) God works inevitably.

Yet they worship in place of God that for which no authority has been sent to them, and of which they have no knowledge. The wicked will have none to help them.

When Our clear messages are read out to them you can see denial on the faces of unbelievers. They can hardly restrain themselves from attacking those who recite Our revelations. Tell them: "Should I give you news of something worse than this?" -- Hell, which God has promised the infidels. How evil a destination!