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THE TRUE BELIEVERS will be successful,

Who are humble in their service,

Who shun all frivolities,

Who strive for betterment;

Who guard their sex

Except from their wives and women slaves of old are free of blame,

But those who covet more than this will be transgressors;

And those who fulfil their trusts and keep their promises;

And those who are watchful of their acts of prayer.

These are the real gainers,

Who will inherit Paradise, and live in it for ever.

We created man from the finest extract of clay,

Then We placed him as a sperm in a firmly established lodging;

Then We fashioned the sperm into an embryo, then fashioned the embryo into a shapeless lump of flesh; then from the lump of flesh We fashioned bones, then clothed the bones with flesh. Thus We formed him into a new creation. So blessed be God the best of Creators.

And then you will certainly die,

Then will be raised up on the Day of Resurrection.

We made several highways one over the other above you. We are not neglectful of creation.