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When you and those with you have boarded the ark, say: 'All praise be to God who has delivered us from the people who were sinful.'

And say: 'O Lord, disembark me in a welcome place; You are the best of deliverers.'

There were surely signs in this; We will surely put you to the test.

After them We raised a new generation.

Then We sent to them an apostle from among them (who said): "Worship God, for you have no other god but He. Will you not take heed and fear God?"

The chiefs of the people who did not believe and denied the life to come, though We had given them good things of this life to enjoy, (said): "He is only a mortal like you. He eats as you do, and drinks as you drink.

So if you follow a man like yourself you will certainly be doomed.

Does he give you a promise that when you are dead and turned to dust and bones, you will be raised to life again?

How far-fetched what you are promised;

There is only the life of this world: We die and we live: there is no rising from the dead for us.

He is just a man who invents a lie about God; we cannot believe in him."

(The apostle prayed): "O Lord, deliver me, for they accuse me of lies."

Answered (the Lord): "They shall wake up repenting soon."

So they were rightly seized by a mighty blast; and We turned them into mouldy rubbish: A good riddance of the wicked people!

Then after them We raised other generations.