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Who give whatsoever they give (in His way), and their hearts tremble with fear that they have to go back to their Lord,

Are the ones who hasten to goodness and outpace the others.

We do not burden a soul beyond capacity, for We have a record that tells the truth. No wrong will be done to any one.

Yet their hearts are oblivious of this; and besides, they are busy with other things,

So that when We seize the affluent among them with affliction, they will begin to implore for help.

"Do not supplicate for help today; you will not be rescued by Us;

For when My revelations were read out to you, you turned back on your heels and fled

Insolently, treating them like tales told at night."

Why did they not think over the message? Or has something come to them which had not come to their fathers?

Or did they not recognise their apostle, and rejected him?

Or do they say that he is possessed? In fact, he has brought the truth to them, but most of them abhor the truth.

Had truth been subject to their whims the heavens and the earth and all those within them would have been depraved. In fact We had sent them their reminder, but they turned away from good advice.

Or do you ask of them any tribute? In that case the tribute of your Lord is better, for He is the best of providers.

You are surely calling them to the right path.

But those who believe not in the Hereafter turn away from the straight path.