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"Were not My messages read out to you? But you denied them."

They will say: "O Lord, our misery overwhelmed us, so we remained a people astray.

Get us out of this, O Lord. If we transgress we will surely be sinful."

He will say: "Remain condemned in it, and do not speak to Me.

There was a section among My creatures that said: 'O Lord, we believe. Forgive us and have mercy upon us, for You are the best of the merciful.'

But you ridiculed them. So much so that out of (spite) for them you forgot to remember Me and laughed at them.

I have rewarded them this day for they were constant, and they have come to attainment."

They will be asked: "How long did you live on the earth in terms of years?"

They will say: "A day or less than a day. Ask the enumerators of numbers."

He will say: "You stayed there only a moment, if you knew.

Do you think We created you for nothing, and that you will not return to Us?"

Exalted then be God, the King, the Real. There is no god but He, the Lord of the glorious throne.

Whoever worships another god apart from God, for which he holds no proof, will have to account for it before his Lord. Verily the unbelievers will not prosper.

Say: "My Lord, forgive and have mercy. You are the best of the merciful."