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It is God who alternates night and day. There is surely a lesson in this for men of sight.

God created every moving thing from water: One crawls on its belly, one walks on two legs, another moves on four. God creates whatsoever He will. Indeed God has power over everything.

We have surely sent down clear signs. It is God who guides whom He will to the path that is straight.

They say they believe in God and the Prophet, and have come to believe, yet a section of them turns back even after this; and these are not believers.

When they are called to God and His Prophet, that he may judge between them, a section of them turns away.

Had right been on their side they would have come to him submissively.

Is there a malady in their hearts, or they are deluded, or afraid that God and His Prophet would be unjust in dealing with them? Not so; they are themselves unjust.

The answer of the believers when they are called to God and His Apostle that he may judge between them, is: "We hear and obey." And they are the ones who will prosper.

Whoever obeys God and His Prophet, fears God and does his duty to Him, will surely find success.

They swear solemnly by God: "If you command us we shall go forth." Say: "Do not swear. What is wanted is obedience, as should be. God is certainly aware of what you do."