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There is no harm in your eating together or separately. But when you enter the houses, salute the inmates with a greeting in the name of God, invoking blessings and good health. That is how God explains things to you clearly so that you may understand. They alone are true believers who believe in God and His Apostle, and when they are with him on a matter of common concern, do not depart without obtaining his leave. Surely those who ask leave of you are the ones who believe in God and His Apostle. Therefore when they ask leave of you for personal business give leave to those you please, and seek God's forgiveness for them. Surely God is forgiving and kind.

Do not consider your being summoned by the Apostle to be like your summoning one another. God knows those of you who go away surreptitiously. So let those who act in contravention of his command take heed lest a trial should befall them or a grievous punishment come upon them.

Does not everything in the heavens and the earth belong to God? He surely knows what state you are in; and on the day they go back to Him. He will tell them what they used to do, for God has knowledge of everything.

BLESSED IS HE who revealed the Criterion (of right and wrong) to His votary that it may be a warning for the world, --

He to whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, who has neither begotten a son nor has He a partner in His kingdom, (who) created everything and determined its exact measure.