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When (Hell) appears to them from a distance they will hear it raging and roaring.

And when they are cast within a narrow space of it chained together, they would plead for death.

"Do not ask for one death but many deaths on this day."

Ask them: "Is this better or a garden for everlasting abode which has been promised the pious and devout? It would be their guerdon and their destination.

There will they have whatever they wish, and there abide for ever." This is a promise incumbent on your Lord which will certainly be fulfilled.

The day He will gather them together along with those they worshipped other than God, He will ask them: "Did you lure these creatures of Mine away, or did they themselves go astray?"

They will answer: "Glory to You. It was not worthy of us to seek any protector other than You. But You allowed them and their fathers a life of ease until they turned oblivious of the Reminder. They were a people impenitent.

(The idolaters will be told): "Your gods have refuted your assertion. You can neither avert (your doom) nor receive any help. We shall make the wicked among you taste of severe punishment."

We never sent before you apostles who did not eat food and walk the market places. We make some of you the means of trying the others. So will you persevere? Your Lord is always watching.