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Those who do not hope to meet Us say: "Why are no angels sent down to us, or why do we not see our Lord?" They are full of self-conceit and behave with intense arrogance.

The day they see the angels there will be no happy tidings for the sinners; and they will say: "There is an insurmountable barrier!"

We shall turn to their deeds and scatter them like particles of dust.

The inmates of Paradise will have a better abode that day, and a better resting place.

The day the heavens splits asunder with a dazzling white cloud gathering and the angels descend in a continuous stream,

The real sovereignty will belong to Ar-Rahman. How grievous will be the day for the infidels!

The sinner will then bite his hand and say: "Would that I had taken the road with the Prophet.

Woe alas, ah would I had not taken so-and-so as friend!

He led me astray from the Warning after it had come to me. Satan always betrays man.

The prophet will say: "O my Lord, my people had fettered the Qur'an."

Thus do We keep opponents among the sinners for every apostle; yet your Lord is sufficient as a guide and helper.

The unbelievers say: "Why was the whole Qur'an not sent down all at once to him?" It was sent thus that We may keep your heart resolute. So We enunciated it by steps and distinctly.