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These are the verses of the perspicuous Book.

You may perhaps wear out your heart because they do not come to belief.

We could send down from the heavens a sign to them if We pleased, before which their heads would remain bowed.

Never does a new reminder come to them from Ar-Rahman but they turn away from it.

Surely they have done with denying; soon will come to them the news of what they were laughing at.

Do they not see the earth, how We grow all kinds of noble things upon it?

Verily there are signs in this; yet many of them do not believe.

Your Lord is surely mighty and merciful.

When your Lord called upon Moses: "Go to the wicked people,

The people of Pharaoh. Will they not fear and take heed?"

: He said: "O Lord, I fear that they will deny me.

My heart is constrained, my tongue falters, so delegate Aaron;

And they have a charge (of murder) against me. So I fear that they will kill me."

(It was) said: "By no means. Go with My signs, both of you. I am verily with you and I hear.

Go to the Pharaoh and tell him: 'We bring a message from the Lord of all the worlds

That you should send the children of Israel with us.'

(The Pharaoh) said: "Did we not bring you up as a child? And you lived a number of years of your life with us.

And you commited what you did, and you are ungrateful!"