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(They said): "We may haply follow the magicians if they are victorious."

When the magicians arrived, they said to the Pharaoh: "Is there a reward for us if we are victorious?" --

"Yes," he replied. "You 'will be among the honoured."

Moses said to them: "Cast what you have to cast."

So they cast their ropes and rods, and said: "By the glory of Pharaoh, we shall be victorious."

Then Moses threw down his staff, and lo, it swallowed up their conjurations.

Then the magicians fell prostrating in adoration,

And said: "We (affirm and) believe in the Lord of all the worlds,

The Lord of Moses and Aaron."

Said (the Pharaoh): "You have come to believe in him before I gave you leave. He is surely your chief, who taught you magic. You will soon come to know: I will have your hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, and have every one of you crucified."

They said: "There will be no harm. We shall return to our Lord.

We certainly hope our Lord will forgive our sins as we are the first to believe."

We said to Moses: "Travel by night with My creatures. You will surely be pursued."

Then the Pharaoh sent announcers to the cities,

(Proclaiming): "Surely they are a small band (of fugitives).

They are always harassing us.

But we are a fully accounted army."

So We made them leave the gardens and springs of water,

And treasures and agreeable mansions.

Thus it was; and We made the children of Israel possess them.

But they pursued them at sunrise.