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When the two forces drew within seeing distance of each other, the people of Moses said: "We shall certainly be overtaken."

Moses replied: "By no means. My Lord is with me. He will show me the way."

We commanded Moses: "Smite the sea with your staff." And it parted, and every parting was like a lofty mountain.

Then We brought the others to that place.

We delivered Moses and every one with him,

And We drowned the others.

Verily there is a sign in this, but most of them do not believe.

Indeed your Lord is mighty and merciful.

Relate the news of Abraham to them.

When he asked his father and his people: "What do you worship?"

They replied: "We worship idols and are devoted to them."

(Abraham) asked: "Do they hear when you call them?

Or do they benefit you, or do you harm?"

They said: "No. But we found our fathers doing so."

He said: "Have you considered what you have been worshipping,

You and your fathers?

Yet they are my enemies except the Lord of all the worlds

Who created me and showed me the way,

Who gives me food and drink,

And heals me when I am sick,

Who will make me die, then give me life again,

And who, I hope, will condone my faults on the Day of Judgement.

O Lord, give me wisdom and admit me among the righteous,