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Of what avail shall their enjoyment be to them?

Never have We destroyed a habitation till We had sent admonishers to them

To warn. For We are never unjust.

The devils did not bring it down:

They are not worthy of it, nor have they power.

They have been precluded from hearing it.

So call on no other god but God, lest you are condemned to torment;

And warn your near relations,

And take those believers under your wing who follow you.

If they do not obey you, tell them: "I am not responsible for what you do."

Have trust in the Mighty, the Merciful,

Who watches you when you get up,

And your movements among those who bow in homage to God.

He is all-hearing and all-knowing.

Should I tell you on whom the devils descend?

They come down to every mendacious sinner,

Who listens to you (for spreading rumours); but most of them are liars.

As for the poets, only those who go astray follow them.

Have you not seen that they wander distract in every valley,

And they say what they do not do,

Except those who believe and do the right, and remember God a great deal, who retaliate only when they have been wronged. Yet the oppressors will now come to know through what reversals they will be overthrown!