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It is a guidance and grace for those who believe.

Surely your Lord in His wisdom will decide between them. He is all-mighty and all-knowing.

So you place your trust in God. Certainly you stand on positive truth.

You cannot make the dead to listen, or the deaf to hear the call, when they have turned their backs,

Nor can you lead the blind when they have gone astray. You can make none hear except those who believe in Our signs and have come to peace and submission.

When the sentence will have been passed against them, We shall bring forth beastly brutes from the earth who will torment them, for men certainly do not believe Our signs.

The day We shall gather from every community a section of those who denied Our signs, and they will be brought (in separate groups),

So that when they come (before the Lord) He will say: "Did you deny My signs without having understood them? Or what was it that you were doing?"

When the sentence will have been passed upon them for their wickedness, they will not be able to say a word.

Do they not see that We made the night for them to rest, the day to make things clear? Indeed there are signs in this for people who believe.

The day the trumpet blast is sounded whoever is in the heavens and the earth will be terrified, save those whom God please, and all will appear before Him in abjectness.

You will see the mountains and think they are firmly planted, but they will pass away like flying clouds: Artistry of God who perfected everything. He is indeed fully aware of what you do.