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When Moses had fulfilled the term and was journeying with his family, he noticed a fire on the side of the mountain. "Wait here," he said to his family; "I have seen a fire. I may haply bring some news from there, or an ember that you may warm yourselves."

When he drew near, a voice called out to him from the tree on the blessed spot on the right side of the valley: "O Moses, I am verily God, the Lord of all the worlds.

Throw down your staff." When he saw it wriggling like a serpent, he turned about and fled without turning. "O Moses, approach," (said the Voice), "and have no fear. You will be safe.

Put your hand inside your shirt. It will come out white without a tarnish of blame; and do not be perturbed or afraid. These are two proofs from your Lord for the Pharaoh and his nobles. They are certainly a rebellious people."

He said: "O Lord, I have killed a man of theirs, and fear they would kill me.

So send my brother Aaron with me as helper for he is more fluent than I with words, that he should affirm me, for I fear that they would call me a liar."

(And) God said: "We shall strengthen your arm with your brother, and give you power with Our signs and give you authority, so that they will not be able to harm you. Both of you and your followers will be victorious."