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Be wakeful of your service of prayer, and the midmost service; and honour God by standing before Him in devotion.

If you fear (war or danger), pray while standing or on horseback; but when you have safety again remember God, for He taught you what you did not know.

Those among you about to die leaving wives behind, should bequeath a year's maintenance and lodging for them, without expelling them from home. But if they leave (of their own accord), you will not be blamed for what they do with themselves in their own rights. God is all-mighty and all-wise.

Making a fair provision for women who are divorced is the duty of those who are God-fearing and pious.

So does God pronounce His decrees that you may understand.

Have you never thought of men who went out of their homes as a measure of safety against death, and they were thousands, to whom God said: "Die," then restored them to life? Indeed God bestows His blessings on men; only most men are not grateful.

Fight in the way of God, and remember that God hears all and knows everything.

Who will give a goodly loan to God which He might double many times? For God withholds and enlarges, and to Him you will return.