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We have been sending word to them that they may take a warning.

Those to whom We gave the Book before this do believe in it;

And when it is read out to them, say: "We believe in it. It's the truth from our Lord. We had committed ourselves before it came."

These will be given their recompense twice, for they persevered and repelled evil with good, and spent of what We had given them.

When they hear idle talk they turn aside and say: "To us our actions, to you yours. Peace on you; we do not look for the ignorant."

You cannot guide any one you like: God guides whosoever He please. He knows best who will come to guidance.

They say: "If we followed your guidance we would be driven from the land by force." Have We not set up a sanctuary for them, to which is brought a wealth of everything as provision from Us? But most of them do not understand.

How many habitations that had come to boast of their resources have We destroyed? These their dwellings were never inhabited except rarely after them; and they came back to Us.

But your Lord does not destroy habitations without having sent an apostle to their metropolis to read out Our commandments to them. We would never have destroyed cities if their inhabitants were not given to wickedness.