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Whatsoever has been given you is the stuff this life is made of, and only its embellishment. What is with your Lord is better and abiding. Will you not understand?

Can one who was given a better promise, which he will find come true, be like him who was given a little enjoyment of this life, but who will afterwards be brought (to judgement) on the Day of Resurrection?

That day God will call them and ask: "Where are they you imagined were My compeers?"

Those against whom the sentence is justified will say: "O Lord, these are those we had led astray as we had ourselves gone astray. We clear ourselves before You: They never worshipped us."

(The sinners) will be told: "Invoke your partners." They will call on them, but they will not answer; and they will see the torment (and wish) if only they had come to guidance.

(God) will ask them on that day: "What answer did you give the apostles?"

Then all news will be blacked out for them, and they will not even ask one another.

But he who repents and believes and does good things may well be among the successful.

Your Lord creates what He wills and chooses. The good is not for them to choose. Too holy and high is God for what they associate with Him.

Your Lord well knows what they hide in their breasts and what they disclose.

He is God. There is no god but He. His alone is praise first and last, and His the judgement, and to Him will you be brought back in the end.