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Say: "Just think, if God were to cover you up with night for ever until the Day of Doom, what other god apart from God will give you light? Why do you not pay heed?"

Say: "Just think. If God were to make the day perpetual till the Day of Resurrection, what other god but God would bring you night for rest? Why do you not reflect?

Yet in His benevolence He made you night and day that you may rest and seek His bounty during them, and haply maybe grateful."

Upon a day He will call them and ask: "Where are they you imagined were My compeers?"

And We shall single out one witness from each community and say: "Bring your proof." Then will they know that God's is the judgement, and what they contrived will avail them not in the least.

Verily Qarun was of Moses' people, but he began to oppress them. We had given him treasures, so many that a team of wrestlers could hardly lift their keys. His people said to him: "Do not be exultant. God does not like those who exult.

So seek the abode of the Hereafter through what God has given you, and do not forget your part in this world. Do good to others as God has done good to you, and do not try to spread corruption in the land. Surely God does not like corrupters."