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He who has assigned (the propagation) of the Qur'an to you will bring you back to the destination. Say: "My Lord knows who has come to guidance, and who is clearly in error."

You did not expect that the Book would be given to you except by the favour of your Lord. So do not be the helper of unbelievers,

Nor should you let them turn you away from the commandments of God once they have been delivered to you; and call them to your Lord, and do not be an idolater,

And do not call on any other god apart from God. There is no god but He. All things will perish save His magnificence. His is the judgement, and to Him will you be brought back in the end.


Do men think they will get away by saying: "We believe," and will not be tried?

We had tried those who were before them so that God knew who spoke the truth, and who were liars.

Do those who do evil think that they will get the better of Us? How bad is the judgement that they make!

He who hopes to meet God (should know) that God's appointed time will surely come. He is all-hearing and all-knowing.

He who strives does so for himself. Verily God is independent of the creatures of the world.