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The life of this world is only a sport and play. It is surely the home of the Hereafter that will indeed be life extended and new, if only they knew!

When they board a ship they call on God, placing their faith wholly in Him. But when He brings them safely back to shore, they begin to associate others with Him,

And deny what We had given them, in order to go on enjoying themselves. They will come to know soon.

Do they not see that We have given them a safe sanctuary, while all around them men are being despoiled? Do they then believe what is false, and deny the bounty of God?

Who is more unjust than he who fabricates a lie about God, or denies the truth when it has come to him? Is there not an abode for unbelievers in Hell?

We shall guide those who strive in Our cause to the paths leading straight to Us. Surely God is with those who do good.


The Romans have been conquered

In the neighbouring land. But having been conquered they will conquer

In a few years (less than ten). God's is the imperative first and last. On that day the believers will rejoice

In the help of God. He helps whom He will; He is all-mighty, ever-merciful.