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We bestowed wisdom on Luqman that he may be grateful to God. Whosoever is grateful is so for his own good, and whoever is ungrateful (should remember) that God is above all concern, worthy of praise.

(Remember) when Luqman counselled his son: "O son, do not associate any one with God. To associate others with God is a grievous wrong."

We have committed man about his parents. His mother carries him in her womb in weakness and debility, weaning him in two years. So he should be grateful to Me and his parents. To Me is the journeying back.

If they try to force you to associate with Me that of which you have no knowledge, do not obey them. Live with them honourably in the world, but follow the way of him who turns to Me. Your returning is to Me in the end, when I will tell you what you did.

"O my son, whatsoever it may be, even though equal to a mustard seed in weight, or within a rock or in the sky or in the earth, God will bring it forth. Verily God is perceptive, all-aware.

O my son, fulfil your moral obligations, bid what is known to be right and forbid what is wrong, and bear with patience what befalls you. These are indeed acts of courage and resolve.

Do not hold men in contempt, and do not walk with hauteur on the earth. Verily God does not like the proud and boastful.

Be moderate in your bearing, and keep your voice low. Surely the most repulsive voice is the donkey's."