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Have you not seen that God has subjugated what is in the heavens and the earth to you, and bestowed His favours, external and esoteric, in abundance on you? And yet there are men who contend about God without any knowledge or guidance or the Book enlightening.

When you ask them to follow what God has revealed, they say: "No. We shall follow what we found our ancestors following," even though the devil were calling them to the torment of Hell!

He who turns his face to God in submission and does good, holds fast to a handle that is strong; for the resultance of things rests with God.

So do not let the unbelief of disbelievers grieve you. They will be brought back to Us, when We shall tell them what they used to do. Whatever is in their hearts is known to God.

We let them enjoy themselves only for a while, then We shall drag them to a severe punishment.

If you ask them: "Who created the heavens and the earth?" They will surely answer: "God." Say: "All praise be to God." But most of them do not understand.

To God belongs what is in the heavens and the earth. Verily He is all-sufficient, worthy of praise.

If all the trees of the earth were pens and the oceans ink, with many more oceans for replenishing them, the colloquy of God would never come to end. He is indeed all-mighty and all-wise.

Your creation and resurrection is but like that of a single cell. Verily He is all-hearing and all-seeing.