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But We shall make them taste the affliction of this world before the greater torment, so that they may retract.

Who is more wicked than he who is reminded of his Lord's revelations yet turns away from them; We will surely requite the sinners.

Verily We gave Moses the Book; so be not in doubt about his having received it; and We made it a guidance for the children of Israel.

When they persevered and firmly believed Our revelations We appointed learned men among them who guided them by Our command.

Surely your Lord will decide between them about what they were at variance, on the Day of Resurrection.

Did they not find guidance in the many generations We had destroyed before them, over whose dwellings they (now) walk? There were indeed signs in this. Will they even then not listen?

Do they not see that We drive the rain towards a land that is dry, then grow grain from it which their cattle and they themselves eat? Will they not see even then?

Yet they say: "When will this decree come, if you speak the truth?"

Say: "Of no use will be the acceptance of belief to unbelievers on the Day of Decision, nor will they be granted respite.

Therefore turn away from them and wait as they are waiting.