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There are men among the faithful who have been true to the covenant they had made with God; and some of them fulfilled their vows (by dying in His cause), and some still wait (prepared for death), and stand firm,

That God may recompense the truthful for their truthfulness, and punish the hypocrites or relent towards them, as He will. God is surely forgiving and kind.

God drove the unbelievers back in their fury, and they gained no advantage. God was sufficient (to help) the believers in the battle. God is all-powerful and all-mighty.

He made those of the people of the Book who had helped (the tribes) descend from their forts, and filled their hearts with dread, so that you killed some and made many captive;

And He made you inherit their lands and mansions and wealth, and a country you had not traversed before, for God has power over everything.

O Prophet, say to your wives: "In case you desire the life and pomp of this world, come, I will provide you handsomely, and let you go with a grace.

But if you desire God, His Apostle, and the joys of life to come, then God has verily set apart for those of you who are good, a great reward."

O wives of the Prophet, whosoever of you commits an act of clear shamelessness, her punishment will be doubled. This is how (the innate law of) God works inevitably.