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God is the friend of those who believe, and leads them out of darkness into light; but the patrons of infidels are idols and devils who lead them from light into darkness. They are the residents of Hell, and will there for ever abide.

Have you thought of the man who argued with Abraham about his Lord because God had given him a kingdom? When Abraham said: "My Lord is the giver of life and death," he replied: "I am the giver of life and death." And Abraham said: "God makes the sun rise from the East; so you make it rise from the West," and dumbfounded was the infidel. God does not guide those who are unjust.

Or take the man who passed by a town which lay destroyed upside down. He said: "How can God restore this city now that it is destroyed?" So God made him die for a hundred years, then brought him back to life, and inquired: "How long did you stay in this state?" "A day or less than a day," he replied. "No," He said, "you were dead a hundred years, yet look at your victuals, they have not decomposed; and look at your ass! We shall make you a warning for men. And regard the bones, how We raise them and clothe them with flesh." When this became clear to him, the man said: "Indeed God has power over all things."