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Equal are not the blind and those who can see,

Nor darkness and light,

Nor shade and heat of sunshine.

Equal are not the living and the dead. Verily God makes those He will to listen; but you cannot make those hear who are in their graves.

You are only a bearer of warnings.

We have sent you with the truth, to give glad tidings and to warn. Never has there been a community to which an admonisher was not sent.

If they call you a liar, so had those before them called their apostles liars, who had come to them with clear proofs, scriptures and the splendent Book.

So We seized the unbelievers. How great was the change I wrought in their condition then!

Do you not see how God sends water from the sky, then We produce fruits from it variegated in colour; and on mountains are tracts of red and white, in different shades and raven black.

And so are among men, beasts and cattle, different shades. Only those of His creatures fear God who have knowledge. Verily He is all-mighty and forgiving.

Surely those who read the Book of God, are firm in devotion, and spend of what We have given them in secret or openly, can hope for a commerce that will not decline,

So that He may reward them in full, and give them a greater increase by His grace. He is verily forgiving and rewarding.