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What We have revealed to you of the Book is the truth, and proves (what has been sent) before it to be true. Verily God is informed of His creatures and sees everything.

So We made those of Our creatures whom We had chosen, heirs to the Book; but some of these exceed themselves, and some follow the middle course, and some surpass others in goodness by God's will, which is the greatest blessing.

They will enter the gardens of Eden, where they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls, and of silk will be their garments.

They will say: "All praise be to God who has removed all care from us. Indeed our Lord is forgiving and rewarding,

Who has settled us by His grace in the mansions of eternal rest, where there is no labour for us, nor does weariness come upon us."

As for the unbelievers, there is the fire of Hell. It will neither consume them wholly that they should die, nor will its torment be lessened for them. That is how We requite the ungrateful.

There they will cry for help: "O Lord, get us out that we may do the right, and not what we used to do." Did We not give you a long enough span of life so that he who remembered may reflect? And did not the warner come to you? So now taste (the punishment). The iniquitous will have none to help them.

Verily God knows the unknown of the heavens and the earth. Indeed He knows what lies in the hearts of men.