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Surely the inmates of Paradise will be engaged in pastimes.

They and their companions will recline on couches in the shade.

For them will be fruits and whatever they ask.

"Peace" shall be the greeting from the merciful Lord.

(And the guilty will be told:) "O sinners, separate yourselves this day.

Did I not commit you, O children of Adam, not to worship Satan who is your acknowledged foe,

But to serve Me; (that) this is the straight path?

But he beguiled a great many of you. Why did you not then understand?

This is the Hell that you were promised.

Roast in it now for having disbelieved."

We shall seal their lips that day; and their hands will speak, their feet testify to what they had done.

We could take away their sight if We pleased; then they would run around to find the way: But how then would they see?

And if We pleased We could paralyse them in their tracks, and they would not be able to move forward or turn back.

Whoever reaches old age, We reverse in natural disposition. Do they not have sense (to see)?

We have not taught (Muhammad) to versify, nor is it worthy of him. This is nothing but a reminder and illuminating discourse,

So that he may warn him who is alive and feels, and justify the word against those who do not believe.