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Who used to say: 'Are you one of those who can testify to the truth?

(Do you think) we would be paid back our due when we are dead and reduced to dust and bones?'

He said: 'Will you look down?'

He looked down and saw (his friend) in the midst of Hell.

'By God', he said, 'you had almost ruined me.

Had it not been for the grace of my Lord I too would have been there (in Hell).

(Another will say:)"Is it true, we are not going to die

Other than our first death, and we shall not be punished?

This will indeed be great happiness.

For this the toilers should strive."

Is this better or the tree of Zaqqum

Which We have reserved as punishment for evil-doers?

It is a tree that grows at the bottom of Hell.

Its spathes are like the prickly pear.

They will eat and fill their bellies with it,

Washing it down with boiling water.

Then to Hell they will surely be returned.

They had found their fathers astray,

Yet they hasten to follow in their footsteps.

So had many an earlier people gone astray,

And We had sent admonishers to them.

Look, then how was the end of those who had been warned,

Other than the chosen creatures of God.

Noah had verily called to Us. And how gracious was He who answered (him).

We saved him and his family from the great affliction,