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But the semblance of those who expend their wealth to please God with firm and resolute hearts, is like a garden on a height on which the rain falls and it yields its fruits twice as much; and even if the rain does not fall the dew will suffice. For God sees all that you do.

Does any of you wish to have an orchard full of date-palm trees and vines, and streams of running water and fruits of all kinds, and then old age should overtake him while his children are small, and a scorching whirlwind should smite and burn it down? Thus God makes His signs clear to you that you may reflect.

O believers, give in charity what is good of the things you have earned, and of what you produce from the earth; and do not choose to give what is bad as alms, that is, things you would not like to accept yourself except with some condescension. Remember that God is affluent and praiseworthy.

Satan threatens you with want, and orders you (to commit) shameful acts. But God promises His pardon and grace, for God is bounteous and all-knowing.

He gives wisdom to whomsoever He please; and those who are bestowed wisdom get good in abundance. Yet none remembers this save men of wisdom.