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When they submitted to the will of God, and (Abraham) laid (his son) down prostrate on his temple,

We called out: "O Abraham,

You have fulfilled your dream." Thus do We reward the good.

That was indeed a trying test.

So We ransomed him for a great sacrifice,

And left (his hallowed memory) for posterity.

Peace be on Abraham.

That is how We reward those who do good.

He is truly among Our faithful creatures.

So We gave him the good news of Isaac, apostle, who is among the righteous.

And We blessed him and Isaac. Among their descendants are some who do good, but some who wrong themselves.

We were indeed gracious to Moses and Aaron,

And saved them and their people from great distress,

And helped them, so they were victorious.

We gave them the explicit Book,

And showed them the straight path,

And left (their remembrance) for posterity.

Peace be on Moses and Aaron.

That is how We reward those who do good.

They are among Our faithful devotees.

Verily Elias is one of the apostles.

When he said to his people: "Will you not be mindful of God?

Would you call on Baal and leave the best of creators,

God, your Lord, and the Lord of your fathers?"