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What ails you that you judge in such a wise?

Why do you not reflect?

Or have you received some clear authority?

Then bring your scripture, if what you say is true.

They link Him with jinns by lineage, yet the jinns know they will be brought before Him.

God is too glorious for what they ascribe to Him

Except His chosen creatures who do not.

So neither you nor those you worship

Can mislead anyone away from Him,

Except one who is (destined) to burn in Hell.

"There is not one of us who does not have his appointed place," (declare the angels.)

"And we are truly those who stand in rows,

And we are those who sing hallelujas to Him."

They used to say:

If we had the account of earlier people with us,

We would have been the chosen creatures of God."

Yet now (that it has come) they refuse to believe in it; but they will come to know soon.

Our word had already been given before to Our votaries, the apostles, --

That they would be helped,

And that certainly Our armies will be victorious.

So you ignore them for a time

And wait; they will come to know soon.

Do they want to hasten Our punishment?

When it comes down on their plains, it will be an evil dawn for those who had been warned.

So turn away from them for a time

And watch; they will come to know soon.

Too glorious is your Lord, the Lord of power, for what they ascribe to Him.

So peace be on the messengers,

And all praise to God, the Lord of all the worlds.