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We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, all for nothing. Only those who deny imagine so. So for the unbelievers there is woe from the fire.

Should We equate those who do the right with those who spread corruption in the land? Should We make those who are morally integrated equal to those who seek disintegration?

We have sent down a Book to you which is blessed, so that people may apply their minds to its revelations, and the men of wisdom may reflect.

We bestowed Solomon on David who was an excellent devotee, for he turned to God in penitence.

When they brought fleet-footed chargers in the evening to show him,

He said: "The love of horses is worthy of desire to me for the remembrance of my Lord;" and when they were out of sight, (he said):

"Bring them back to me," and he began to rub and stroke their shanks and necks.

We surely tried Solomon, and placed another body on his throne. So he turned to God

Saying: "O Lord, forgive me, and give me such a dominion as none will merit after me. You are the great bestower."

So we subjugated the wind to his service which carried his merchandise wheresoever he wished;

And the devils -- the builders and divers of all kinds,

And many others bound in bond.

"This is Our gift," (We said to him), "so bestow freely or withhold without reckoning."

He has a high position with Us and an excellent abode.

Remember Our votary Job because he called to his Lord: "Satan has afflicted me with disease and distress."

"Go swiftly to the spring," (We said). "This cold water is for bathing and for drinking."